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FUJIFILM Archive Services - Archivierung von Firmendaten



In many companies, the subject of "Archiving" presents the decision makers with a whole range of problems: conventional archiving methods cause unpredictable costs, are fraught with security risks, and may prove to be unreliable when the data is recovered.

The solution is called FUJIFILM Archive Services.

Developed on the basis of decades of experience accumulated by the data specialists at FUJIFILM, with this method considerations of cost, security and reliability are no longer in conflict with each other.

The system of FUJIFILM Archive Services begins in your own company. FUJIFILM Archive Services offer the following steps:

  • Developing an archiving concept in consultation with you (system configuration, data formats, retention time, backup intervals, API backups)
  • Transporting your data to our certified high security centre (optional)
  • Processes for receiving, verifying and restoring your data
  • Analysing your data stock, harmonising the data in a standardised, open format
  • Providing a data index that you can view in your own FUJIFILM web portal
  • Recall process: requesting your data when it is needed

With FUJIFILM Archive Services, you can rely on the data specialists at FUJIFILM and save yourself the trouble of maintaining your own archiving system will all the associated costs and risks. You will no longer have to worry about updates, upgrades and conversions. You can plan your IT budget well into the future, with your expenses substantially reduced.

FUJIFILM Archive Services – Archiving with the data specialist!

Cost intervals with uneven peaks due to
system changes and conversions

Plannable, moderate cost line,
no system changes, no conversions

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